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Home Life by Rose Ann Humphrey

PO Box 781
Boston, MA 02117
Company Profile: 

Home Life by Rose Ann Humphrey

Home Life is committed to lifestyle and endeavors that allow their clients to Love How They Live. Home Life strives to bring their clients taste and lifestyles into spaces that not only work for them, but also becomes them.

Home Life is a full service interior design firm that provides concept, space planning and site management. By working closely with homeowners, architects, contractors, and workrooms, they will coordinate to insure project implementation.
Founded by Rose Ann Humphrey, an interior designer who has earned a reputation for bringing high, lasting value and service to projects. Rose Ann has been on the forefront of design, working with sustainable materials for many years before it came a trend. She previously owned the only independent Pierre Deux in the country – working closely with the foremost experts in French Country style. Rose Ann’s tireless effort to people “discovering their own visual voice” keeps her humble and fresh, and always devoted to her discerning clientele.

Blog Posts

 Lavish Collection JD Staron Home Life Rose Ann Humphrey
JD Staron is a favorite floor covering resource for Home Life. Founder of Home Life Rose Ann Humphrey is excited to share their new Lavish Collection. She explains, “Their coverings are fantastic, beautiful and even romantic!” The Lavish Collection is JD Staron’s first collection that uses three textural fabrics weaves along a single needle yam insertion. This allows the fabric to stay intact...
Home Life by Rose Ann Humphrey
Spring is in the air! As interior designer Rose Ann Humphrey of Home Life witnessed on a recent trip to the South with these photos from Charleston and Savannah. Rose Ann writes on her blog how she was able to spend time touring the world famous Mercer Williams House along with checking out a few local antique galleries. Returning to Boston she was heartened to come back to a weekend of warm...
High Fashion Looks for the Residential Home
Interior designers have long been influenced by what they see on the runways. It makes sense. After all, the fashion industry and the world of design share a similar vocabulary: a love of fabrics, form, the use of accessories and accents, and an attention to detail as well as great care for the overall aesthetic. It follows that many of the looks we see in the lines of top fashion designers—in...


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