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TSP Smart Spaces

1280 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02138
617 267 3030
Company Profile: 

Leveraging our 27 years of industry experience, TSP Smart Spaces looks beyond tired industry-standard approaches to home automation. We feature a diverse team of specialists based in Boston MA and a long-standing commitment to design-informed solutions. At TSP, our goal isn’t to fill homes with trendy, here-today-gone-tomorrow equipment. By working with discerning, field-tested brands known for delivering unique technology experiences, we achieve simplicity, reliability, and most importantly, a flawless user experience. Our customers place their trust in us to lead them through their smart technology journey due to our commitment to design-led thinking, attention to detail, and aftercare support. 


We believe a smart home is only as good as the sum of its parts. Visual, audio, lighting, Climate Control, and security are all critical components of an integrated technology system and they should come together to meet your needs by providing a personalized experience at the touch of a button. Each of our partners provides innovative technology and has a history of deploying well-designed, reliable solutions. We are proud to work with the most reputable companies in the industry including Lutron, Savant, Ketra, Cisco, Amazon Alexa, and more. 


“They put in an easy-to-use and reliable whole home system and have wonderful aftercare support.” - Bjorg B.


Key Services:

  • Smart home technology design
  • Home office technology design
  • Smart lighting and natural lighting design
  • Whole home audio design
  • Integrated home theatre design
  • Installation and construction project management
  • Long-term support & maintenance
  • Remote monitoring


Contact us for a complimentary assessment of your residential or commercial smart home project. Call 617 267 3030 or email to set up an introductory call or meeting.