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Costello Fine Homes

163 Front St
Marion, MA 02738
Company Profile: 


Tim has worked on and managed a diverse portfolio of residential projects throughout his building career, including expansive new construction and historic renovation projects on Nantucket, Cape Cod and the South Coast of Massachusetts. After moving to Nantucket in 1996, Tim had the privilege of working with some of the most talented carpenters, woodworkers and architects in the country on truly exceptional properties. His years on the island allowed him to hone his craft and develop a more thorough understanding of the business and design processes integral to building fine, custom homes. 

Following his tenure on the island, Tim relocated to the mainland and launched his own custom home building company, Costello Fine Homes (CFH). As the company has grown, Tim has purposely developed two of the most valuable tools for successful client partnerships — a discerning ability to understand his client’s vision for their home and the intuitive problem solving skills necessary to deliver it.  Tim’s genuine appreciation for each client’s needs coupled with his willingness to hear what the client is asking the designer/architect to create, facilitates a level of collaboration by the CFH team that is unparalleled in the building industry. 

Tim’s commitment to his business is complemented by his devotion to family, passion for the outdoors and dedication to his community.  Whether spending a day on the water fishing with his children, escaping for a weekend of skiing with his family or coaching his local youth football team, Tim recognizes the delicate work/life balance necessary to leading both a fulfilling life and successful career.

With 24 years of experience and a team that consistently produces only the highest quality craftsmanship, Tim’s expertise and leadership has enabled Costello Fine Homes to cultivate lasting client relationships and deliver a product that exceeds the expectations of even the most sophisticated homeowners.


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