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Catherine Truman Architects

29 Warren Street
Cambridge, MA 02141
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Catherine Truman Architects is a contemporary architecture and design firm in Cambridge. Our work encompasses renovations, additions to existing buildings, new construction, interior renovations, and  interior design. Our work is characterized by simplicity and clarity of form and function, with a focus on materials and details. Each one of our projects is different, as each client and house is different. We believe that the best projects are the result of a close working relationship between client, architect, and builder, and enjoy working collaboratively with both to achieve lasting results.

As Featured In...

Use of exposed beams by Catherine Truman Architects
Exposed beams are the support system that every house needs: strong and firm, yet warm and inviting. Timber frames can transform the look and feel of any space, as they bring out the character in a home while emphasizing the building’s architecture and warming up the interior space. Whether you are trying to achieve a farmhouse flair look or a cozy cabin feel, Catherine Truman Architects has...
Custom mudroom by Catherine Truman Architects
Come April, the mudroom is the hardest working room in the home. Mudrooms not only serve as the bridge between the outdoor and indoor realms, supporting our comings and goings, they are also the catchall for the family’s gear and the grit of the great outdoors. A well-designed mudroom helps tame the clutter and keeps the rest of your home spotless, and is a must if you’re building or renovating a...
Interiors spaces in the home inspired by Valentine's Day
This Valentine’s Day, devote your love and attention to the one place that fills you with joy and comfort like no other: the home! Who says you need a human to spoil on this holiday? Instead, shower your space with the staples of Valentine’s Day: chocolates, flowers and conversation hearts. Who doesn’t love chocolate? Treat your home to chocolates of all shades this Valentine’s Day. From dark...