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Boston Design Guide provides the ultimate resource for the discerning homeowners and home industry professionals. This resource provides a showcase of businesses that share the same level of extraordinary dedication to their trade whose integrity and excellence in the industry represents the best of the best in home product and services.

Perfection Fence
"Sharing in writing what we discussed today, I want to express my personal and our company‘s view on the quality, dedication and amazing growth of Boston Design Guide.  Many, many years ago, when Perfection Fence and Boston Design Guide were startup companies, our paths crossed and we became business friends.  Through the years, with hard work, careful planning and visions, both companies have grown to be important, each in our own fields.  Boston Design Guide, and now Cape and Islands, have become the premier resource guides for everyone and everything anyone could need for designing, developing, improving or renovating their home.  Everyone in the home related industries wants to be showcased in your publications.  Boston Design Guide is the “go to” resource to find the right architects, designers, contractors, materials and suppliers.   

Perfection Fence is proud to be one of the advertisers in your resource guides and thanks you for your vision to bring premier companies to the public in outstanding, beautiful, organized publications.  You made it easy for homeowners to find the right companies to work with.  Congratulations to you and your staff!"

‎- Marie Peterson, Sales Consultant at Perfection Fence Corp.

Hammond Residential Real Estate, LLC
“For the past few years, you have sent copies of the hardcover Boston Design Guide to our Chestnut Hill corporate real estate office. Our real estate brokers just love looking at the beautiful magazine. We also place copies in our reception areas for our clients to peruse.”
-Leslie, Hammond Residential Real Estate, LLC

“I absolutely love the Boston Design Guide! I've been reading this magazine faithfully since I was 13 (now 23 and working as an entry-level structural engineer), and each year the new issue continues to impress me. The professionals in here are so talented and I aspire to be like them one day. Thank you all for taking the time to develop this wonderful magazine! It's by far the best magazine in Boston and the only magazine I buy all year! This year's issue was fantastic yet again! I can see the hard work you all put into it.”

“Every August, I look for the latest edition of your book in Boston at the Barnes & Noble at the Prudential Center. I really enjoy going through it, and still use all of the past editions as references for projects around my townhouse. Thank you again for this great magazine.”

Roomscapes Luxury Design Center -Home of Kitchen Concepts-
“Since its inception in 1997, Melanie Kaplan, Publisher of  Boston Design Guide  has surrounded herself with the best in the business and has delivered a top-notch magazine year after year. Given the high-end caliber of the advertisers and the annual frequency of the publication, our clients tend to keep the magazine as a "coffee table book" which extends the exposure of our ads. The Boston Design Guide's  team shares our commitment to quality, excellence, creativity and pioneering ideas, which provides enhanced marketing value to the advertiser with networking events, additional web exposure and continuous blogs throughout the year.  We are proud to be a recurring advertiser and associate our name to the very best in our industry.”
– Mercedes B. Aza, Vice President & Director of Marketing of Roomscapes Luxury Design Center

Catalano Architects, Inc.
“Our firm considers itself very fortunate to have been involved with the Boston Design Guide since its inception. Melanie Perillo and her staff share our commitment to excellence and it shows in the quality of the magazine. Our clients count on Boston Design Guide as a valuable reference tool year in and year out. We look forward to another ten years of Boston's premier design magazine.”
– Tom Catalano, President of Catalano Architects, Inc.

Louis W. Mian, Inc.
“Since it’s inception the Boston Design Guide has certainly generated more customers for us. The best thing for us is that those customers have been looking for a high quality product – quality over price. The magazine has just provided good qualified leads for us.”
–Chris Mian, Importer, Fabricator and Installer of Natural Stone

MGA | Marcus Gleysteen Architects
The Boston Design Guide has been a terrific resource both for our clients and ourselves. Although most of our clients come to us through word of mouth, the Boston Design Guide has enabled many potential clients to find us or provide an immediate reference for those who may know our name but not our work. The Guide has high editorial standards and does not dilute the quality of its content, allowing us to present our story and work amidst worthy competitors. We are gratified to see the Boston Design Guide prominently displayed in bookstores and show rooms, especially when we are on the cover. We look forward to working with the Boston Design Guide for the next issue. 
– Marcus Gleysteen, A.I.A., Principal of Marcus Gleysteen Architects 

Fallon Custom Homes & Renovations
Our clients at Fallon Development have high expectations for their construction projects. They tell us they chose Fallon Development because of our 25 plus years of experience and extensive knowledge of the construction business. We also take an extra step with our clients by using a marketing consultant to get ongoing feedback throughout the entire project. Our customers are given an exit poll to offer us their view of our work.
At Fallon Development we feel we not only design a living space for our clients, but a lifestyle as well. Boston Design Guide is a great source for the entire building industry. Having a presence in the guide is a great opportunity to showcase our work with other quality professionals, putting us in contact with the demographic we want to reach.

Richard C. Rigoli & Company, Inc.
The Boston Design Guide is by far the best source of Boston talent there is. Others have tried and failed numerous times to publish a high quality resource guide. People talk to me all the time about finding sources and Boston Design Guide is an excellent forum for me to display my work. Melanie really does find the best talent in Boston and does an excellent job of producing the magazine. 
–Richard Rigoli, President of Richard C. Rigoli & Co., Inc. 

Back Bay Shutter
Sifting through the almost overwhelming design publications and deciding which is the best way to spend our advertising dollars can be tedious. Investing in Boston Design Guide magazine year after year has proven to be the right choice in solidifying existing relationships and providing us new business opportunities. Back Bay Shutter Co., Inc. continues to set the industry standard, and has finally found a local design magazine that functions at the same level of excellence.
–Steve Kontoff, President of Back Bay Shutter Co., Inc.

F.H. Perry Builder
We got into Boston Design Guide because our clients told us they wanted to see us there. We stayed because everyone says they see us there. It’s great exposure in a discriminating marketplace, and we are honored to be included.
–Finley Perry, President of F.H. Perry Builder

F.H. Perry Builder
"Boston Design Guide is like your best friend: smart and beautiful, always there for you, long-lasting, committed to your success and impossible to live without."
-Allison Iantosca, Partner at F.H. Perry Builder Inc.

a Blade of Grass
“We have been advertising with Boston Design Guide for several years and the results have been great. We are especially happy with the web link to our website. We have been seeing an increase in traffic on our site directly linked to Boston Design Guide and it appears the users spend quite a bit of time looking through our portfolio. a Blade of Grass is thrilled and looks forward to being part of Boston Design Guide for years to come.” 
–Heather Lashbrook Jones, a Blade of Grass

Soderholm Custom Builders
"As members of the Boston Design Guide “family” for the last 6 years, Sam and I are pleased that we will be a presence in your 20th Anniversary Edition next year. We are proud to have our work showcased with that of the other highly respected builders and to have had the Boston Design Guide share our work and the growth of our company with all our peers in the building industry, including the Architects, Designers, other Builders, and various subs and suppliers who are also showcased along with us in the magazine, not to mention our most valued constituency, our clients. Melanie's personal involvement, encouragement and support of our company has been greatly appreciated and has encouraged us to stretch and grow in many ways. Congratulations and we look forward to being a presence in Boston Design Guide for many years to come!"
-Ken and Sam Soderholm, Soderholm Custom Builders

Roomscapes Luxury Design Center
“BDG has always been one of my favorite magazines and the one I always keep in my coffee table.”
–Mercedes Ava, Vice President and Director of Marketing at Roomscapes Luxury Design Center