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SMART Mirrors: Prep While You Primp

SMART Mirrors in the Bathroom

Forget "Who’s the fairest of them all?" (we know the answer to that!), mirrors are now addressing more pressing questions, like "What’s the weather today?," How is the Dow performing?” and "What does my schedule look like?"  With Séura SMART Mirrors, homeowners are instantly informed as they prepare to meet the day with a personalized digital hub at eye view.

SMART Mirrors in the Bathroom

Maverick Integration can integrate SMART Technology within a custom vanity design, conveniently positioned in the mirror of your bathroom. The vanishing display is four times the size of the average tablet, and activated by voice and touch control options. Suddenly, the bath becomes ground control, as you can view security cameras, dim the lights and quickly scan your favorite apps while brushing your teeth, shaving or blow-drying your hair. Talk about getting a jump on the day!

Photos courtesy of Séura 



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