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How To Decorate for the Holidays with White Accents

White Holiday Home Decor

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?
Here’s how you can make your dream a reality with white holiday décor for your home.

Neutral color schemes are making a statement for the holiday season. Your home will stand out even while refraining from the traditional reds and greens and blues and silvers.

How To Decorate for the Holidays with White Accents
Image via Kelley Nan

Keep the decorative theme flowing throughout your household - beyond just the tree's ornaments. Customize your table settings, bookshelves, coffee table, and anywhere you can find a place to change the surroundings up with spirit for the season. Your household will look and feel like a winter wonderland.

White Holiday Home Decor
Images via Kristen Whitby

Wintery frosted trends are never going out of style, either. A cheap, easy and festive way to decorate is by incorporating snowy pinecones into your holiday décor. This is a perfect DIY project to share with the little ones and spread holiday cheer with the family.

White Holiday Home Decor
left: Image via Kelley Nan; right: Image via Anneliese

Infinite decorative holiday wreath ideas are swarming for the season as well. More room for pinecones galore! Do It Yourself or find all sorts of styles to compliment the rest of your home.

White Holiday Home Decor
above left: White Pinecone Christmas Wreath; below left & right: WeLoveWreaths on

The Little Things

You simply cannot get more festive with unique, stylish menorahs and advent wreaths.

white Holiday Home Decor
Image via NousDecor

Trending Advent Wreath for Holidays
Image via SoLeblch

Switching Up the Norm

Are you sick of finding, maintaining and the traditional process of having a classic tree? Change it up this year with something unique and fun!

Christmas Tree Ideas
Image via Kara Rosenlund, 2Modern 

Festive Holiday Home Decor
Images via Laughing with Angels


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