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Fresh New Color Trends for Spring

Spring colors in interior design

“People are ready for color,” says interior designer Anthony Catalfano of Anthony Catalfano Interiors, “they’ve been living in a neutral world for so long.” Homeowners are particularly ready for softer hues—happy yet elegant palettes that provide both beauty and comfort. 

fresh new colors for spring fashion

Left to right: Calvin Klein; Alberta Ferretti, photo by Kim Weston Arnold; Alexander McQueen, photo by Kim Weston Arnold

Violet and marigold, and, we would add, dahlia and mint, these are the colors that are hot right now, for the home and in fashion, says Catalfano. “And I think we’re ready for it. For something different.”

Lilac and charcoal color scheme

Anthony Catalfano Interiors

Right now, Catalfano is designing an interior in a faint violet—by all accounts the “it” color on the runway. The primary fabric, above, with the Chinese blossom, was the main source of inspiration, and he’s surrounding it with deeper tones of taupe and charcoal gray. Typically, one thinks of violet for the bedroom, says Catalfano, “but this is a violet you can visualize in a living room.” While the purple hue is most definitely en vogue at the moment, it’s a year-round color, maintains Catalfano, which is key when introducing it within your home.

brown and marigold batik palette

Anthony Catalfano Interiors

For another interior, this one for a living room on the North Shore, Catalfano is bringing marigold into the mix, and harnessing the power of another flower. A batik is the base of the design, but rather than using the more common indigo and white, Catalfano has specified a brown batik with a marigold yellow accent. The marigold tone balances the chocolate browns, beiges and creams and gives the design scheme “that pop that’s different,” he says. In still another twist, Catalfano is using the vertical stripe horizontally.

He urges homeowners to keep an open mind and to “use things in a different way to create a fresher look.” Also, trust the designer—what they have to offer and his or her vision. Clearly, they have quite a knack for color and design trends. Take a look…. 

Marigold as a color in fashion and the home

Stella McCartney, photo by Yannis Vlamos; Donna Elle, Nantucket

red-orange in fashion and home design

Oscar de la Renta; Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design, photo by Eric Roth

lavender in home design and fashion

Erdem; Donna Elle, Nantucket

hushed lavender in fashion and home decor

Victoria Beckham; Elizabeth Home Design & Décor

rose in fashion and interior design

John Galliano; LDa Architecture & Interiors, photo by Greg Premru

Main image: SLC Interiors, Inc.


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