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Details, Inc: Dream Spaces, Client Consults

Details, Inc. interior design shop, services and client consulations

As you drive east through Harwich Port's burgeoning but still "Olde Cape Cod" town center, glance right to catch the sign at 573 Route 28 for Details, Inc., a retail shop and interior design business tucked slightly back from the main road.

Better yet, stop in. You'll be rewarded with an enchanting array of home decor items curated by owner Carole King. Her store's eclectic aesthetic reflects the personalized design philosophy and one-on-one client enthusiasm that she brings to each of her client relationships—some of which have spanned three decades of expertise designing interiors ranging from Park Avenue apartments to rustic Berkshire retreats to airy Cape Cod and California coastal homes. "We all deserve a true home to which we can retreat at the end of the day," says King, "a 'safe haven' if you will—a place that envelops and comforts us. Because that means different things to different people, it's my goal to discern from my clients the elements that comprise their view and work with them to create that space."

Interior designs by Carole King of Details, Inc.

Although King's client base includes frequent work with architects and builders on new construction or extensive renovation to existing homes, she's passionate about connecting with homeowners who are in the process of envisioning either a newly purchased home or re-envisioning one they've lived in for years. In a two-hour personal consultation meeting, she often can save a client from design paralysis or missteps that could cost them thousands to correct: "I absolutely love the efficiency of personal consultations, where I can achieve so much in so little time. They're comprehensive and fun!" King adds that she feels particularly adept at verbally conveying design options that speak to a client's budget as well as their needs and dreams for a space.

Interior design consultations with Carole King of Details, Inc.

Personal consultations can begin with a client sharing an architect's or builder's plan with her to help them brainstorm interior design finish options and furniture placement. When she visits a client's home to assist with any aspect of their interior design project—from placing furniture or artwork to selecting paint colors, lighting or door and cabinet hardware—she brings along design samples and her laptop to help clients envision and narrow in on possibilities. "For most clients, the endless design choices, both large and small, that are part of any interior design project, and are now endlessly available to them online as well as in large showrooms, is daunting," says King. "I usually lean towards a 'less is more' approach to great design. In two hours, I can help them choose exactly what they do and don't want and order what they need, as well as suggest products or even a new way of looking at a space that they hadn't previously considered. For instance, one of my clients had a 6,000-square-foot house with multiple bathrooms that were all inconveniently oriented on one side of the house. She wanted a small powder room near an entry that had multiple closets. Her architect and builder said they couldn't see where to fit in what she wanted, but I saw that one of her closets would work perfectly, exactly to her specifications.”

King says that the years of experience she brings to each personal consultation helps clients feel confident about their choices, their taste: "To me, it really is always all about what each client wants, what they love. That's my goal, not whether their project will yield glossy shots for my website!" Speaking of which, she is in the process of a website redesign, so reach out to her personally at


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