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3 Tips on How To Organize Inspiring Images for Design Projects

Interior Design inspiration

Potential and current clients often ask Wilson Kelsey Design how to organize their interior design project. The first step to starting your project: Organize the images that inspire you

These top 3 tips for organizing your inspirational design images will:

  • Help you clarify your vision
  • Allow you to think more carefully about the functional and aesthetic needs and requirements of your home
  • Help identify your concerns and fears
  • Give a basic understanding of the investment you will be making in your home. Budgeting can then be discussed in the content of what you must have and what might be nice to have

 Interior Design inspiration

Taken on a trip to Paris, Wilson Kelsey Design was inspired to use this color palette on their client’s living room in Acton, MA.

TIP #1 – Houzz Private Ideabooks

The website, Houzz, is a resource to gather your interior design ideas into once place by creating a private Ideabook online.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to create an Ideabook on Houzz: How to Create and Use Ideabooks.

Interior Design inspiration
Wilson Kelsey’s Kitchen Ideabook on Houzz

TIP #2 – Pinterest Private Boards

Pinterest is a useful tool to search and save or “pin” ideas that you’re interested in.

How To Get Started Using Pinterest. Once you create your own Pinterest account, make sure to follow us! BostonDesignMag

Here’s how Wilson Kelsey Design created a Pinterest board for “Transitional Design Style Ideas

Interior Design inspiration

You can then send your private Ideabooks and Pinterest board links to Wilson Kelsey Design to begin collaboration and give a sense of what you are looking to accomplish with your new design.

TIP #3 – Evernote

For the magazine and paper lovers: saving articles is now easier and keeps your magazines good as new. Evernote allows you to save the images you want to reference in the online app. You simply take a picture of the images and save them to a file, and tag the file for easy retrieval and sharing.

Here’s how to use Evernote tags to find your favorite images even faster:

Interior Design inspiration

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