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Technology to Impress, Without the Stress

Technology showroom

Excellent technology feels intuitive, not frustrating. At least, that’s the case at Maverick Integration’s revolutionary digital playground in Nashua. From IMAX screens with lifelike definition to state-of-the-art home integration systems, the showroom offers a host of technologies to transform your home—without the headache that so often accompanies new gadgets.

Technology showroom Nashua

Dennis Jaques, President of Maverick Integration, explained the magic behind the showroom. “All of the electronics are in context,” says Jaques. “For example, you’ll see how different temperatures of lighting play against artwork and wall finishes. You can get an idea of what this technology will look like in your home, not just in a showroom.”

Rather than trying to parse complex jargon and navigate foreign technological concepts, at Maverick Integration you step into an experience in which the technology speaks for itself. “It’s designed so that you can see the technology in action and understand it by experiencing it instead of by talking about it,” Jaques explains. Illuminated mirrors decorate the bathrooms, creating an inviting ambiance that strikes a chord with customers in a way that no description ever could. These technologies are meant to be experienced, not explained.

Technology showroom Nashua

It’s fitting that Maverick has found such a clean, simple way to showcase these technologies, because the technologies themselves are striking in the clean simplicity of the solutions they offer to everyday problems. Sleek designs—like minimalistic modernized shades—let electronics do their job without interfering with the aesthetics of carefully-designed homes. It’s clear upon entering the showroom that these technologies are here to enhance your life, not clutter it.

Technology showroom Nashua

But perhaps the most innovative part of the Nashua showroom is its school. Upstairs are 10,000 square feet dedicated to teaching local high schoolers and tradespeople valuable technological skills, from the most basic classes in professional etiquette to technical courses in building and constructing technological systems. The program features an equal split of laboratory and classroom hours, and the first class of students is set to graduate this coming May, ready to be the next generation of electricians, sound engineers, and audiovisual integrators.


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