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In God’s Gardens

In God’s Gardens


(Ode to the Master Gardeners of the World)


In God’s Gardens, the Master Gardeners of the world

Have planted every horticultural variety within every horticultural species of every horticultural family

Under the supervision of Mother Nature using her magnificent divine designs.


In God’s Gardens, the nightly nurturing thunderstorms diminish at daybreak

The glorious morning sunrise illuminates the vast vistas

With the sun’s brilliant rays piercing through the diminishing clouds

Exposing God’s Gardens with a myriad of colors

Equal to a thousand and one rainbows.


In God’s Gardens, the larger birds of prey soar through the skies disappearing into the heavens

While on the ground, the songbirds scurry about feeding on the harvest of seeds.

Satisfied, they sing their merry mating songs with mirth.


In God’s Gardens, when the Master Gardeners cultivate the soil and harvest the crops,

At that moment in time and place they are closer to God than at any place on earth.


In God’s Gardens, the Master Gardeners of the world can view the results of their labor

From every valley to every mountaintop.

The spectacular scenic vistas are illuminated by all the hues of the color spectrum

In a billion and one flower blossoms.


In God’s Gardens, the children of the world can safely enjoy the scented merry little breezes

Caressing their beautiful smiling faces while observing nature at its grandest.

Mother Nature’s gardening angels – the beautiful, flighty butterflies – are their stalwart protectors.

God’s Gardens and Mother Nature’s Master Gardeners are their gift to humanity.

In God’s Gardens, flowers are the scent of LOVE…All gardens are God’s Gardens.


- Written by Ron Doyle 


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