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Boston-Based Women Launch Locally-Sourced Vayda Girl Headband Company

Boston-Based Women Launch Locally-Sourced Vayda Girl Headband Company

If you haven't yet, be sure to check out Vayda Girl Headbands, one of Boston's newest and most compelling local companies. Vayda Girl is a headband company that was launched by Audrey and Jessica, who left their full-time jobs to pursue this passion of theirs. They wanted to create headbands that were comfortable, versatile, and fashionable but also sustainable, local, and handmade. 


Their company has grown quickly from a homemade operation to one that requires a full-scale facility. Though they have grown, they still use a made-to-order model, which allows for zero fabric waste. Vayda Girl also uses only 100% biodegradable shipping materials, and organic cotton tags.

Vayda Headbands

Visitors to the website can choose from dozens of cool and stylish prints, and then customize the headband to one of six styles. The possibilities are truly endless, and many shops and fitness venues in New England are already selling the headbands in their storefronts, and online retailer recently featured their headbands as part of a sale.

To shop now, click here. Use the code SUMMER15 to receive a 15% discount! 


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