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Must-See Ranch Renovation on Cape Cod

High-end addition and renovation on Cape Cod

Principal Doreve Nicholaeff of Nicholaeff Architecture + Design worked makeover magic when she transformed a humble Cape Cod ranch-style home into a glorious Osterville gem.

High-end addition and renovation on Cape Cod

It’s hard to imagine that this is the same house, but it is indeed—and then some. Nicholaeff gave it a full renovation and addition, and more than a little vision and architectural flair. She took a home that was firmly in the dime-a-dozen category to higher ground.

High-end addition and renovation on Cape Cod

While still very much in keeping with the seaside vernacular, the reimagined home bears a far greater connection to its site and to the elements. It captures plenty of natural light, ushering in the landscape at every pass, and has a breezy, timeless flow, that, to us, epitomizes Cape Cod living.

High-end Cape Cod addition and renovation

The addition allowed Nicholaeff to include a spacious master bedroom and bath, a lair riddled with architectural detailing and custom spaces that are the firm’s hallmark. 

High-end Cape Cod addition and renovationThe new rooflines, too, opened up new design opportunities. As with all Nicholaeff homes, the journey is set up for the homeowner, with quiet, personalized moments that always relate to the whole. 


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