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Dream Kitchen Must-Have: Walk-In Pantry

Walk-in pantry

Homeowners building new custom kitchens have a common desire: a walk-in pantry. In this age of gorgeous, clutter-free kitchens, homeowners still need a place to store their dry goods and staples, small appliances and serveware. Frequent runs to the store in the name of beauty aren’t the answer. What is? Walk-in pantries

Clutter-free kitchen

Clients of Riverstone Custom Builders have been clamoring for walk-in pantries, reports Laura Holland, whose husband, Peter, is sole owner and principal of the Wellesley-based company. The genesis of the trend is likely based on the fact that families are living in their kitchens these days, and thoughtfully repurposing their homes to suit their needs

Walk-In Pantry

People are rethinking dining rooms, explains Laura. Instead of having a space that gets used once or twice throughout the course of the year, they’re opting to take the lead of a recent Riverstone client, by combining separate dining and breakfast rooms in favor or one larger, casual open-layout eating area. This frees up space for a walk-in pantry—a culinary-minded version of the customized mudrooms and laundry rooms that are all the rage.

As with mudrooms and laundry rooms, which boast tidy cubbies and neat niches, pantry rooms have a place for everything and everything in its place, for a “great, finished look.” 

custom walk-in pantry

Most of the pantries that Riverstone Custom Builders has crafted resemble the kitchen, but with a twist. In the above pantry, for example, the firm kept the shade of the cabinetry the same, but mixed up the drawer pulls and handles, even adding a ladder. (“They're not just for libraries!” laughs Laura.) They gave the space a unique granite for the countertop, but kept the textured finish aligned with the rest of the kitchen for a cohesive look.

custom walk-in pantry

As for what is stored? The possibilities are endless. Pantries are a great place to house big bulky appliances that you don’t want out on your counter—and you can keep them plugged in for use in that space if so inclined. Many clients are also dedicating pantry counters for coffee station setups and bars, complete with a sink and small refrigerator. 

custom walk-in pantry with barn door

As handsome as these pantries look inside, often, a fabulous feature door conceals the area from view. The Hollands have seen glass doors, sliding barn doors or even a chicken coop-style door installed for a country-chic look.

Popular and functional, walk-in pantries add value to the home and to day-to-day living. As Laura, a former real estate agent, can attest, “Pantries are not a trend that will go out of style.”

Images courtesy of Riverstone Custom Builders

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