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A contemporary farmhouse shines on Martha’s Vineyard

Contemporary Farmhouse

For nearly 40 years, residential builder Andrew Flake, founder of Andrew A. Flake, Inc., has watched the level of sophistication of homes on Martha’s Vineyard climb. “It seems that with every new house the bar gets raised,” says Andrew. This home, tucked within the agrarian landscape of a historic Vineyard farm, is no exception. Designed by modernist Charles Rose, this vision in glass and cedar demanded precision from the foundation to the finish work. 

Andrew learned early in his career “that simple really meant complicated.” So it is for this home. The horizontal siding that wraps the exterior has to align, as do the sliding corner windows. “There  is no place to hide,” says Andrew. He welcomes its intricacies and the complexity of the engineering solutions such homes require. In fact, his company only builds a few houses a year to ensure they are unique. “One of the most important things one will ever do as a family is build a house,” he  emphasizes. As a builder, Andrew respects the clients’ point of view and the hand-holding the process requires.

Contemporary Farmhouse

The home faces south to capture the view and soak up the passive energy of the sun. A contemporary pergola was engineered in steel and wrapped in wood. The thick glass doors are substantial and required great skill in handling and installation.

Contemporary Farmhouse

The minimalist interiors also require dexterity. “When you have dissimilar materials that are touching or almost touching each other on a plane, that has to be absolutely perfect,” says Andrew. 

Green roof

The home’s expansive green roof, which features Photovoltaic panels, as well as the farm’s windmill, supports the homeowners’ culture of sustainability. It also “takes the edge off the contemporary  design,” says Andrew; “it’s soothing.” The flat roof is a complicated venture; a water consultant was brought in to ensure it drains properly during  extreme weather conditions. 

Architecture: Charles Rose Architects
Landscape Architecture: Stephen Stimson Associates
Photography: John E. Linden


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