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Wellesley Weston Magazine Features Meyer & Meyer, Jan Gleysteen Architects, Patrick Ahearn, and Jacob Lilley Architects

Wellesley Weston Magazine

Wellesley Weston Magazine recently featured architects Meyer & Meyer, Jan Gleysteen, Patrick Ahearn and Jacob Lilley in their piece "Shingle Style: A Renaissance in Residential Design." Written by Peter Golden, the article focuses on how Shingle Style homes can reflect a traditional aesthetic, but can also be styled for a more contemporary look. 

Meyer & Meyer, with three decades of experience on their hands, have created "coastal cottages to rival those constructed in the Gilded Age." With the gorgeous home below providing just one example, we're certainly inclined to agree. 

Wellesley Weston Magazine

Meyer & Meyer Architecture & Interiors

Jan Gleysteen is celebrated for his attention to detail, and his creation of "nuanced, precisely designed homes" like the gorgeous one below.

Wellesley Weston Magazine

Jan Gleysteen Architect, Photo by Richard Mandelkorn

Patrick Ahearn, too, is no stranger to Shingle Style - "it's fluid," he notes, "with plenty of latitude to allow for personal taste."

Wellesley Weston Magazine

Patrick Ahearn Architect

Finally, Jacob Lilley prides himself on having an unpretentious style, and homes that "have a look that grounds them in a past familiar to anyone who knows that screen doors had a particular sound when banged shut." 

Wellesley Weston Magazine

Jacob Lilley Architects

Peter asserts that Shingle Style architecture has "roots [that] run deep in the vernacular of American residential architecture, yet offer a host of sizes and configurations to suit the most modest or outgoing tastes." 


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