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Seen & Inspired: Celebrating a Successful Fourth Year of Boston Design Week

Boston Design Week celebration

March 29 - April 9, 2017

73 participants; 80+ events with over 20% of events selling out; 12,000+ attendees

Nonprofit partners, product designers, technology designers, design showrooms, family organizations, urban planners, interior designers and the City of Boston.

The FIFTH Annual festival will take place April 4 - 15, 2018.

Main Image: Jewett Farms + Co. hosted a panel of industry experts for a “Lunch Date with a Designer” in their Boston Design Center show room on Tuesday April 4.
Photo Courtesy of the Boston Design Center

Boston Design Week 2017
Photo by Tara Carvalho

APRIL 6: Tony Fusco, Co-Producer of Boston Design Week made his opening remarks to the guests at the AD20/21 Show Gala Preview to celebrate Boston Design Week and benefit Design Museum Boston.

Boston Design Week 2017
Photo by Robert Four

MARCH 29: Bob Ernst, FBN Construction; Andrew Sidford, Andrew Sidford Architects; Leslie Fine, Leslie Fine Interiors; Duncan Hughes, Duncan Hughes Interiors at “How to Avoid the Building and Remodeling Nightmare” presented by FBN Construction, a Silver Sponsor.

Boston Design Week 2017
Photo by Robert Four

APRIL 9: Laura Dowling, former Chief Floral Designer of the Obama White House presented a special demonstration and book signing at the AD20/21 Show.

Boston Design Week 2017
Photo by Ben Gebo

The Boston Society of Architects hosted over 250 families for a two-day KidsBuild! Event, where young participants experienced building a city from the ground up and learned about architecture and design. 

Boston Design Week 2017
Photo by Lynne Coran-Bookey

MARCH 30: A special Boston Design Week edition of Fashionably LATE was held at the Liberty Hotel.

Boston Design Week 2017; Artists For Humanity
Photo by Lynne Coran-Bookley

MARCH 29: Artist for Humanity hosted their “Open Studios” as part of Boston Design Week.

MIT Museum
Photo by Jackie Swisshelm

MARCH 30: The MIT Museum invited visitors for a special look at the drawings and presentation of the Monsanto House of the Future at Disneyland.

Boston Design Week 2017
Photo by Harman Photography

APRIL 1: The French Cultural Center’s annual Le Bel was a surrealist soirée inspired by the Dada movement held at their Back Bay brownstone.

kitchen and bath in new england
Left to Right: Patti Jones, Danielle Jones, Jon Maslow, Shelly Langella, Marion English

APRIL 5: Circle Artist Show charity event with Snow & Jones and KALLISTA.


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