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Favreaulous, Indeed!

Favreaulous Factory, Boston design

Steven Favreau and Dennis Wyrzykowski, along with Bob Ernst, Andrew Sidford and Greg Premru, feted the launch of the FAVREAUlous Factory, their brand-new shared space, with a lavish, Mardi Gras-style celebration March 3.

Favreaulous Factory, Boston design

Steven Favreau and Dennis Wyrzykowski

A who's who in Boston’s design industry, dressed in their glittery, grooviest best, turned out at the Channel Street loft space for an inspired evening of cocktails, dessert and dancing.

Favreaulous Factory, Boston design

Chelsea Blanchard and Greg Premru

Favreaulous Factory, Boston design

Brian Gamache, Michael Ferzoco and Alisha Serras

Violin virtuoso Vivian Luo serenaded merry makers, as they mingled and noshed on Swedish fish and passed doughnuts (take that, Willy Wonka!) and danced under the light of the disco ball until the Louis XVI clock struck 12:30am.

Favreaulous Factory, violinist Vivian Luo

violinist Vivian Luo

The revelry was an apt celebration for the Favreaulous Factory, “a sanctuary for design, ingenuity and creativity” created by Steven Favreau and Dennis Wyrzykowski, and the headquarters for their diverse businesses.

Favreaulous Factory, Boston design

Robin Baron and Yudi Kaufman

Favreaulous Factory event

Liz McCauley, Andrew Sidford, Melanie Perillo, Steven Favreau and Dennis Wyrzykowski

The 11,000-square-foot open-concept space was designed with intimate, informal vignettes that accommodate residential and commercial interior design business, home furnishings, design and manufacturing, as well as Printz, an online social media destination for millennials and their living spaces, and the Institute of Ethics.

Favreaulous Factory, Boston design

The entire Favreaulous clan

The Favreaulous Factory is billed as a setting that awakens the senses and challenges possibilities—where “fantasy, luxury and innovation merge.” Considering this sensational soiree is just the beginning, we can’t wait to see more.

Favreaulous Factory, Boston design

Josh Giamichael, Lisa Gosling and Dane Austin Giamichael

Photos by Janelle Carmela Bruno

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