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Art Amidst Design: Il Décor and From Russia With Art

art exhibition boston, ma

Reception: Thursday, May 18; 6-8 PM

Il Décor welcomes the next exhibition in their Art Amidst Design series.

Join us for discussion, live music and light refreshments.

From Russia With Art, a Cambridge-based gallery, will present paintings by professional painters; featuring Andrew Manaylo, Anatoly Dverin, and August Mosca.

Andrew Manaylo
Manaylo, a visiting artist based in Florida, is a classically trained descendant of a dynasty of successful Ukrainian artists. His paintings impeccably mesh the classical with the modern, with a defined characteristic of color being used as a power to evoke emotion.

Anatoly Dverin
Anatoly Dverin, an American Impressionist, is an esteemed member of Oil Painters of America (OPA) as well as a Master of Pastel Society of America. After fleeing the USSR, he was able to secure a job as a greeting card illustrator, and within a few years followed his dream to open his own commercial art business. His impressive roster of customers includes Delta Airlines, National Geographic, Johnson & Johnson and Apple.

August Mosca
Mosca is an important Italian-American urban realist who belonged to an elite circle of New York urban Modernists. His work, which focuses on high-voltage urban scenes and opulent landscapes, has been featured in exhibitions in world renowned museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Show Open April 25 - June 24
10 St. James Avenue, Boston, MA

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