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Reebok Teams with Artists For Humanity to Create a Walk of Art

Reebok Classics, Artists For Humanity, teen art and design, sneaker collection design

After a long and creative process, three Artists For Humanity (AFH) teen artists were chosen to feature their designs on Reebok Classics silhouettes. This collection will be sold and produced in stores, giving the Boston-based nonprofit the opportunity to share their hard work, talent and stories beyond the city of Boston - both in stores and by foot.

AFH, Boston-based nonprofit, art design painting concepts, Reebok classic sneaker design
Artists For Humanity (AFH) is a Boston-based nonprofit that enables social change for under-resourced youth by providing the keys to self-sufficiency through paid employment in art and design.

The three winners
Thornton 'Sparticus' Nguyen, Jonathan 'Pineapple' Tejada and Jonathan Vergara
will be at the public shoe release to meet those who will walk away with no better combination than new shoes and their art.
Reebok Union Square in New York City on April 7 and 8

Workout Plus Reebok sneaker design Reebok Boston Massachusetts

Workout Plus shoe design by Thornton ‘Sparticus’ Nguyen

“I conducted research to anticipate the year 2017 would be about extraterrestrial existence. The scenery of the puff of smoke leaving Earth (struggle clouds) lifts with it anticipation of the challenges ahead before proclaiming self success as a goal for who wear and walk in these designs.”

A deep connection with art and Reebok Classics, leaving his mark with design to inspire others.
“Classic means respecting the creative intentions from the past that will forever remain an emblem of success and inspiration for future generations.”

Nguyen reflects on the feeling of his design coming to life.
“When I saw the first samples, I was speechless for five whole seconds. Reebok—which has a global identity, recognized by everyone—saw something in my story, my design. Essentially, they saw me.”

Reebok X Artists For Humanity Workout Plus available for purchase.

Club C Reebok Classics shoe design art design creation New England shopping

Club C shoe design by Jonathan ‘Pineapple’ Tejada + Kathleen ‘Kat’ Canola

“My shoe design for Reebok was inspired by William The Conqueror’s coat of arms. The red from the shield itself, the yellow from the two lions and blue from the claws were all incorporated into the shoe’s design.”

An already established connection with Reebok made Tejada’s design so much more.
“It means a fulfilled dream. Growing up I always loved shoes and wanted to own all of the classic styles.”

One in which we can all relate…
“I have younger siblings and a niece and the feeling of holding my shoe was almost the same as holding one of my younger family members. Truthfully, I still can’t believe it.”

Artists For Humanity AFH Boston Art Nonprofit Shoe Design

Classic Leather shoe design by Jonathan Vergara

“My design was inspired by the geographical landscape surrounding Reebok’s founding city, Bolton, in Northwest England and Reebok’s current headquarters in Canton, Massachusetts,”

Vergara favored Reebok Classics long before taking on the project; noting appreciation for the clean, simple and versatile silhouette.
“Classic stands for timeless and precious. It’s something that doesn’t age and stands the test of time.”

“Seeing the sneaker for the first time was very exciting,” he says. “Seeing the details was the best part. It’s a tactile design that you come to appreciate the more you look at it.”

Reebok X Artists For Humanity Classic Leather available for purchase.

AFH, Boston-based nonprofit, art design painting concepts, Reebok classic sneaker design

Learn more about the Artists For Humanity X Reebok Collection release on
Friday, April 7 at the Collection's Launch Event.

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